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主產品線 分銷品牌
產品分類 應用行業
FVX connector
This connector has been developed for small portable equipment for which low profile and miniaturization are required. By using FPC with protrusions, the positioning accuracy of FPC is improved.
FVXS connector
This connector has been developed for small portable equipment for which low profile and miniaturization are required. This connector also has the structure that tension due to handling of FPC is absorbed by socket and reinforcing tab.
FGEM connector
This FGEM connector is the first mid-flip type 0.25mm pitch connector for FPC in the connector industry. By adding the tilt type, PC insertion workability improved and located parts to near the connector, and high-density mounting was enabled.
FXM connector
A substantial size for the 0.3mm pitch connector ensures easy handling. Moreover, since this connector accepts a FPC with protrusion providing secure as well as foolproof mating at the customers production line.
FXR connector
This FXR connector is ZIF type connector for FPC with only 1.0mm height.
FXRH connector
This FXRH connector is ZIF type connector for FPC with only 0.9mm height.
FXS connector
Space saving flip lock type connector, with 1.8mm height and 3.85mm depth.
FXV connector
The FXV connector is a market requires space saving and low profile 0.3mm pitch connector, and designed for corresponding to FPC with protrusions.
FXW connector
This low profile FPC connector with a mounting height of 1.0mm has a Double ZIF Flip-lock slider structure.
FXY connector
In addition to achieving space saving and low-profile features demanded by the market, this connector also realizes superb operability by adopting a FPC with protrusion. The use of the FPC provides secure and foolproof mating at the customers' production site.
FXZ connector
This connector realizes space saving and low profile features demanded by the market, and it provides excellent operability. Various number of circuits can be available.
FXZT connector
Vertical 0.3mm pitch ZIF type connector. This connector was mainly developed to connect FPC and subminiature digital products such as DVC, DSC, PDAs and so on.
FZ connector
This is very small Non-ZIF type 0.4mm pitch connector. Double-sided contact structure.
FH connector
The large miniaturization at pitch direstion and depth direction and low-profile as 1.2mm mounting height are realized. FH connector is miniaturized and space saving Non-ZIF type connector for FPC.
*Double-sided contact
FHH connector
This is connector with the double-sided contact for FPC. As FPC with protrusions is used for this FHH connector, prevention of incomplete insertion and mis-insertion are realized and connection reliability is improved.
FHJ connector
Non-ZIF type low-profile of 1.2mm mounting height. 0.3mm thick standard type FPC is applicable.
FHS connector
FHS connector is a space-saving type connector for FPC with 3.1mm depth, though it is low profile of 0.9mm mounting height. 0.2mm thick standard FPC.
FHSY connector
This ZIF type 'flip lock' FPC connector achieves a low-profile feature of a 0.9mm mounting height despite the thickness of the FPC being 0.3mm.
FHY connector
This connector for the 0.3mm thickness FPC with a mounting height of 1.3mm. FPC with protrusion prevents incomplete insertion and mis-insertion, so that it provides reliable connection.
FKZ connector
*Space-saving design
Only 3.5mm depth for 25 or less circuit connectors, and 4.0mm depth for 26 or more circuits.
*Thin with 1.8mm height after mounting on the board.
FLH connector
*Thin with the mounting height of only 1.2mm, yet applicable to 0.3mm thick FPCs.
*In-line surface mount tails
*The housing is made of heat resistant resin to allow reflow soldering.
*The connector is available in either the normal or reverse configurations.
FLS connector
*The shrouded FPC entry point allows the FPC to be positioned and hold in place before the connector is locked.
*The housing is made of heat resistant plastic to allow reflow soldering.
*In-line surface mount tails
*The connector is available in either the normal or reverse configurations.
FLT connector
*Top entry type
*The housing is made of heat resistant plastic to allow reflow soldering.
*Staggered surface mount tails
*Low insertion force with staggered mating points design
FLZ connector
*The housing is made of heat resistant plastic to allow reflow soldering.
*In-line surface mount tails
*The connector is available in either the normal or reverse configurations.
FLZT connector
Top entry type 0.5mm pitch FPC connector. Solder tails are of a staggered design.
*Both normal and reverse types are available so taht the designer can choose the FPC direction at his option.
FLZX connector
Applicable to standard 0.3mm thickness FFC or FPC.
*Partical operation, even with big number of circuits, is achieved thanks to 'flip lock' type.
FY connector
0.5mm pitch non-ZIF snap-in type FFC connector.
FAZ connector
*The connector is available in either the normal or reverse configurations.
*Top entry type with staggered surface mount tails is also available.
FM connector
*Double-sided contact
*Easy mating with the FFC/FPC, by snap-in design.
*Both Dip (through-hole) and SMT types are available.
SMT type connectors have heat-resistant housings so that solder reflow is possible.
FMN connector
*Low insertion force
It requires 1/2 the insertion force of JST's conventional FFC connectors, but retains stable contact performance.
*Both Dip (through-hole) and SMT types are available.
SMT type connectors have heat-resistant housings so that solder reflow is possible.
FMS connector
2.8mm in mounting height and 6.3mm in depth
*Double-sided contact
*Easy mating with the FFC/FPC, by snap-in design.
FMZ connector
*Double-leaf contact
*Temporary retention feature
After the FFC is inserted, but before the locking slide is actuated, a retention feature prevents the FFC leads from moving or coming out.
FPZ connector
*Connection can be made simply by inserting the leads into the connector and pressing the slider. Once the leads are inserted, they are held by the 4-side guides located inside the slider so that they will not dislocate or come off.
FUN connector
This board-in type connector provides direct soldering connection between the conductors of the 1.0mm pitch FFC and the PC board.
*Small pitch as 1.0mm pitch for FFC board-in type
*Lower assembly costs
FE connector
*Low insertion force and high contact pressure
*The FFC is securely connected by simply inserting their leads into the connector.
*The contact's solder dip section has a retention mechanism that allows the connector to be temporarily mounted on the PC board and prevents the connector from floating when soldered.
FFS connector
*Double-sided contact
*The FFC is securely connected by simply inserting their leads into the connector.
FDZ connector
*Double-sided contact
*The contact solder tail has a board retention feature that allows the connector to be temporarily held on the PC board while it is being soldered.
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